RUSTANDARD - Product Registration and Certification
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VNIIS restarts to release the explanatory letter to the Customs

16 December 2010

On 13 December 2010 the Deputy Minister of Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, V. Salamatov sent a letter to the Director of the Federal Customs Administration, entitled "On the issue of termination letter indicating for imported products."
This measure was adopted by virtue of the abolition of the Commission of the Customs Union art. 5 of the Regulations concerning the procedure for importing the products against which the Customs Union is expected to mandatory certification.


CB Certificate for electrical and electronic devices

11 December 2010

The IECEE is the body that sets global rules for the certification of electrotechnical products. Thanks to CB Certificate can be performed only once, and at a single institution, evidence of compliance with the IEC and then to see them recognized in all countries that have signed the agreement.


Pay attention! News in issuing of exemption letters from customs

15 October 2010

From October 5, 2010 by the Federal Customs Service are accepted the exemption letters issued only by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. The exemption letters issued by VNIIS or Rostest will not be accepted.


New fees for the issuance of the hygienic certificate of the Customs Union

12 October 2010

From 11 October 2010 entered into force on the order of the Ministry of Health No 351N of 12/05/2010 establishing the risk groups for products subject to hygienic registration and a new tariff. Prices have nearly doubled.



Technical Regulations and Standards in the Russian Federation

19 September 2010

The Technical Regulations is a document (legal act), which sets technical standards for the mandatory application to the objects of technical regulation. For objects of technical regulation are: production processes, management, storage, transport, sale and disposal of products, including buildings.
The concept of technical regulations was introduced for the first time with Federal Law No. 184, December 27, 2002 "On technical regulation", which included the replacement of tens of thousands of GOST and health standards with a few hundred Technical Regulations.

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