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The Technical Regulation on low-voltage equipment comes into force

13 December 2010

On 31 December of this year comes into force the technical regulation on safety of low-voltage equipment. The document was approved by the Russian government just a year ago.
Along with the regulation enters into force the list of equipment which will be applied to the safety standards set by the regulation, approved by government decision of 02 August 2010.

Consequently, the nomenclature of goods subject to mandatory GOST R certification will be modified. It will exclude all devices listed in the list, that as of December 31 will be the sole responsibility of the Regulation.
GOST R Certificates of Conformity issued before the entry into force of technical regulation will be valid until their expiry date.
From December 31 on the low-voltage certificate or declaration of conformity will be issued, with a maximum validity of five years.