RUSTANDARD - Product Registration and Certification
GOST R, Gost Russia, Gost Standard, RTN, GGTN


The lack of transparency in bureaucratic procedures and a large number of intermediaries with low skills is an obstacle to be reckoned with for the Italian or European companies that want to establish business relations with Russia.
Often dishonest government officials or persons engaged by them behind a recognition violate the law and turn a blind eye to things that can not be neglected. As practice shows, however, such cases more often than not end with a happy ending. To give a practical example is sufficient to say that the falsification of signatures of the experts on compliance documents issued by private certification bodies is a very common practice in Russia, not to mention the illegal trade of documents and certificates of any kind.
The most common errors that can be found in the compliance documents include: misclassification of the product, misidentification of regulatory documents, wrong choice of the certification scheme, misspellings in the name of the product or company name.
Very often after having obtained the document compliance are other permits or licenses that are issued on the basis of these documents. It 'a very delicate moment, because the permissions and licenses are issued by public authorities carefully examine every detail in the document. If you are experiencing errors or anomalies, the question no longer be rejected and the applicant is invited to improve the documentation. Often need to redo the document of compliance with a considerable loss of time and money.
To avoid getting into unpleasant situations, we suggest you contact only qualified personnel to follow the requirements of applicable standards. Also, you should always check that the certificates provided, have been recorded in the database of the respective federal agencies.

Currently you can check online the following documents:

Certificates of conformity to Technical Regulations

Declarations of conformity to Technical Regulations

• Hygienic certificates of the Customs Union (EurAsEC state registration)

Sanitary-epidemiological conclusion certificates (before 01/07/2010)

State registration certificates (before 01/07/2010)

Metrological certificates

• Medical device registration certificates

Documents that can be checked on request:

Certificates and declarations of conformity to GOST R

• Rostekhnadzor permits to use