RUSTANDARD - Product Registration and Certification
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The technical documentation is required for the certification of products and on-site assessment of compliance with industrial safety by certification bodies and inspection authorities. For technical documentation is a set of documents used to design, build, deploy, maintain and evaluate the technical facilities. For systems shall be deemed civil construction and industrial equipment, machinery, computer programs and devices.

The technical documentation may be of two types: constructive or technology.
Construction documentation including user manual, specification, installation serial, test plan. Technological documentation describes the technological cycle of the plant and its maintenance.

To obtain various permits and certificates are often required extensive technical documentation, meeting the requirements of Russian law. This creates several difficulties, especially for foreign producers, as draft, add to or refine the missing documentation and translate it into Russian language may take some time. In an emergency, the experts Rustandard in collaboration with experts of the certification we can help solve this problem in the shortest possible time.

We can offer our assistance in preparing the following documents:

User's Manual
Technical specifications (ТУ)
Technical passport
Test Plan

Manual - is a document that contains the technical data of a device, describing its structure, working principle and its characteristics (functions). Includes information on its proper use in accordance with safety standards, information on maintenance, overhaul and testing, as well as disposal and recycling of the device and its components.

Technical specification - is a document which constitutes an integral part of the technical documentation of a device. A technical specification can not say the opposite of what was identified by national and international standards. The technical specifications are approved according to the standard GOST 2114-95 and GOST R 51740-2001.

Technical passport - is a document (book) that contains information on the warranty offered by the manufacturer. It includes essential features and technical specifications, information on disposal and recycling of the product / device and its components, information on certifications made.
The technical passport is required for obtaining permission to use (NTG).

Test plan - is a document that describes the object to be tested, the purpose of testing and procedures to be followed. The test plan is approved in accordance with the standard GOST 19301-79.

Last Updated on: 10 April 2020