RUSTANDARD - Product Registration and Certification
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The approval of weighing and measuring instruments is a particular process, as is done directly by the Federal Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rosstandard). In this case it is an institution of the state to control the instrument and verify its margin of inaccuracy. The certificate attests that a metrological instrument for measuring weight and has passed all the tests provided technical and metrological and comply with the requirements of current legislation in the Russian Federation.
The certificate shall state the registration number of the instrument in the national repertoire of weighing and measuring instruments. The certificate is accompanied by an annex that shall identify the area of ​​application, the technical and metrological essential, the margin of imprecision, the calibration interval and the name of the normative document based on which tests were performed testing.

Normative References
The approval of weighing and measuring instruments is governed by federal law No 102 of 26/06/2008 on the "Metrological Traceability of weighing and measuring instruments in the Russian Federation".

Directory of weighing and measuring instruments
Before proceeding with the approval of an instrument of weight or measure is appropriate to verify that the instrument has not been approved. It 'just go to the database of the Federal Service for the regulation and metrology, and search the inventory of weighing and measuring instruments. If you are interested in the instrument that has already been approved, simply get by VNIIS (National Certification) certificate showing the number of repertoire of the instrument. To search click here.

The certificate is required in the following fields:
• Medicine;
• Veterinary Medicine;
• environmental protection;
• business management of emergency situations;
• Prevention in the workplace, and;
• prevention in industrial activities;
• trade and exchange of goods;
• packaging and weight of goods;
• public accounting;
• postal service;
• provision of water services, electricity and gas;
• security and national defense;
• geodetic and cartographic works;
• Hydrometeorological Service;
• banking, tax and customs;
• conformity assessment activities of industrial products, products of various industrial products, the products against
which the Russian legislation has enacted mandatory conformity assessment;
• sports competitions and the preparation of elite athletes;
• enforcement of orders of courts and state bodies with executive power;
• control and state supervision (inspections).

Types and validity of the certificate
The certificate can be for civilian use (ordinary) or for military use and is valid for 5 years.
The certificate may be issued to both the producer (for mass production) that the importer.

Required Documentation:
1) Customs code (TARIC) product (click here)
2) technical
3) guide, handbook, instructions for use
4) methods of testing
5) calibration information
6) 3 samples (in some cases you can do only 1)

All documents must be duly translated into Russian language by a sworn translator. All copies of documents must bear the stamp and signature of legal representative.

Release times and costs
Issue: up to 3 months
Price Min / Max: 3,000 to 20,000 euros

Where and when
Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology
Headquarters: Moscow 119991, Leninsky Prospekt, 9. Tel: +7 495 2360300

Last Updated on: 04 March 2024