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The 1st July 2010 entered into force the Customs Union agreement between Russia, Bielorussia and Kazahastan on veterinary and sanitary measures. As a result the sanitary-epidemiological certificate was abolished and instead the Customs Union hygienic registration certificate was introduced (known in Russia as the certificate of state registration). The document constitutes the evidence of compliance with Customs Union common sanitary and epidemiological requirements and is valid throughout the Customs Union.
In Russia, the hygienic registration certificate is issued by the Federal Service on Customer's Rights Protection and Human well-being surveillance (Rospotrebnadzor).
The hygienic registration certificate is issued for a single merchandise category and it may include only the same products (homogeneous products containing the same ingredients and produced using the same technological process).
The Customs Union hygienic registration certificate is a prerequisite for obtaining the mandatory GOST R certificate or the GOST R declaration of conformity.

Sanitary-epidemiological and national state registration certificates issued before 01/07/2010 
The sanitary-epidemiological certificates and national state registration certificates are valid until 01/01/2012 only on the territory of the Russian Federation.

For which products the Customs Union hygienic registration certificate is required?
The Customs Union hygienic registration certificate is required for products listed in Section II of the Single list of goods subject to sanitary-and-epidemiologic supervision (control) at the border and the customs territory of the Customs Union.

• In the territorial districts of the Federal Service can be registered the following products:

1) bottled mineral water, except the water for children;
2) alcoholic beverages, including the alcoholic beverages al low concentration of alcohol, beer;
3) soft drinks;
4) cosmetic products, except the professional cosmetic products (self-tanning creams, skin whitening products, no injection temporary tatoo products), personal hygiene products, hair care products (except the color depositing shampoo), chemical hair straightening products;
5) household chemical products;
6) articles intended to come into contact with the foodstuff (except the kitchen utensils and tableware, pottery, process equipment);
7) personal hygiene products for children and adults; articles for children under 3 years of age: sanitary equipment, clothing (first layer);
8) children's food products between age 3 and 14 years;
9) paints, varnishes, sealants, anchors.

• All other products must be registered in the central department of the Federal Service.

 download the full list of products (ENG 175 KB)

 download the full list of products (RUS 267 KB)    

Types and validity
The certificate can be issued to both the foreign manufacturer and the manufacturer or importer of the Customs Union, and is valid throughout the Customs Union.
If the certificate is issued to an importer of the Customs Union it has the same validity of the export contract.
If the certificate is issued to the manufacturer it has the unlimited validity and can be used with any importer.

Required documents:

1) custome code (HS code)
2) description of the product
3) MSDS for chemical products
4) guide, user's manual, instructions for use
5) certificate of free sale issued by the Chamber of Commerce*
6) copy of the label with information for the consumer
7) manufacturer declaration of conformity
8) copy of ISO certificate (if available)
9) power of attorney witnessed by a notary*
10) samples (2-3 pieces for each merchandise category)
11) copy of the shippment bill with the stamp of the Federal Service "import admitted"
12) the samples must be shipped with:
- proforma invoice;
- manufacturer's letter.

* The original documents must be submitted. All the documents must be duly translated into Russian language by a sworn translator. All the documents issued by the applicant (copies included) must bear the stamp and signature of legal representative.
The above documents must be sent by regular mail or express mail. The certificate is issued within 40 days from the submission of the application complete with all documentation.

Time and cost:
Laboratory analisys: up to 60 days.
Certificate issue: up to 30 days.
Certificate (urgent issue): available only for our clients.

1) laboratory analisys of a single product: see the price list (click here)
2) State duty for single certificate: 71,50 euro
3) to the above mentioned prices the cost the service must be added.

Documents issued together with the Customs Union certificate:

1) test reports
2) expert report
3) Customs Union hygienic registration certificate
(We remind you that all the hygienic certificates are registered into the Federal Service register, which can be accessed on line.)

Where and when
Federal Service on Customer's Rights Protection and Human well-being surveillance
Central department: 127994 Moscow, Vadkovsky pereulok, 18 building 5-7, Tel.: +7 499 9731383
Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 09:00 to 13:00
Tuesday, Thursday from 13:00 to 17:00

Products for which the sanitary-epidemiological certificate is not required any more
Products for which the sanitary-epidemiological certificate was required before the 01/07/2010, but that after the entry into force of the common sanitary rools are listed in Section I of the Single list of goods subject to sanitary-and-epidemiologic supervision (control) at the border and the customs territory of the Customs Union, the Certificate or the Declaration of Conformity must be obtained. The conformity of such products can also be confirmed by the expert report.

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