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GOST R, Gost Russia, Gost Standard, RTN, GGTN

DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY GOST R - (Mandatory certification)

The declaration of conformity GOST R is an official document attesting the quality of the goods, namely, the procedure for declaration of conformity is a process of confirming the quality. The document is a declaration of official document required in respect of a number of groups of goods. The procedure declaration is a form of compulsory confirmation of quality, like the mandatory certification of products. The issue of mandatory declaration of conformity is laid down by the Federal technical regulation and metrology (Gosstandard) in the document entitled "Nomenclature of goods, compliance of which can be confirmed by the declaration of conformity."
The declaration of conformity GOST R may be issued only to a manufacturer or supplier whose national status of a legal person or an individual entrepreneur registered in the territory of the Russian Federation.
The declaration of conformity must be compulsorily registered at an accredited certification body, which first checks the documentation submitted in support of the declaration.

Products subject to mandatory certification
The Russian government has adopted Resolution No. 982 of 01/12/2009, which entered into force on 15.02.2010, a new list of products over which it has provided the certification required by the declaration of conformity GOST R.

Where and when
State or private certification bodies accredited by the Federal technical regulation and metrology.
On the official website of the Federal Agency is available a register of accredited certification bodies with an indication of the area of accreditation. Each certification body may issue statements of compliance only within its area of accreditation.

The Russian law on certification does not allow for renewal of the declaration of conformity. Therefore, the completion date will have to apply for a new release.

Last Updated on: 16 November 2023