RUSTANDARD - Product Registration and Certification
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Voluntary certification is a form of certification in the GOST R system that is applied to products, services and equipment, of which the certification is not required under the legislation of the Russian Federation. As a rule, the voluntary certification takes place at the request of the producer, the seller of goods or at the request of the customer. Thus, at present, some large retail chains on the purchase of certain goods wish to have a written confirmation stating that even if the quality in respect of certain products is not intended for certification. In such a case is carried out, in fact, voluntary certification, and that the certificate of voluntary compliance is formalized as a result of the outcomes of tests, therefore, on the basis of test and recording toilet, despite the certification is being implemented on a voluntary basis .
Where in respect of a service or product is not intended for certification, it means that there are no special requirements and product certification takes place on a voluntary basis for suitability to those safety rules that are declared by the manufacturer or supplier product. The parameters for the suitability of which is tested a sample of the product, represent compliance with GOST or technical specifications (TU), that is the producer through the development of laboratory tests and because of issuance of certified volunteer, as well as confirm the quality of the product under examination, it also indicates the correspondence to the requirements stated in the normative documents.
If you hold a certificate GOST R volunteer becomes easier to get the "Declaration of Conformity," which in this case the certificate is issued on a voluntary basis without the need to perform laboratory tests on samples.
The Voluntary GOST R replaces the "Letter of Exemption" for trade, but not the letter of exemption to the customs.

Where and when
State or private certification bodies accredited by the Federal technical regulation and metrology.
On the official website of the Federal Agency is available a register of accredited certification bodies with an indication of the area of accreditation. Each certification body may issue certificates of compliance only within its area of accreditation.

Certificate renewal
The Russian law on certification does not allow for renewal of the certificate Gost R. Therefore, the completion date will have to apply for a new release.

Last Updated on: 05 March 2018