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Clarifications on certification schemes and involved parties

09 September 2011

Very often our customers ask us the question of who can be the applicant for the certificates of conformity. We have an official response to this question from Russian Research Institute for Certification "VNIIS". To understand the topic of the subject we will make a brief summary of the certification process exists in Russia today.


Ukraine abolished the mandatory certification of certain products

04 September 2011

The Press Office of the State Committee for Regulatory Policy and Entrepreneurship technique has announced the abolition of mandatory certification of products with a low level of risk and partially food.
I am no longer subject to compulsory certification mineral water and water in airtight containers, soft drinks, drink concentrates and drinks with a maturity of more than 30 days, fish and seafood (caviar, smoked fish and dried), more.


Published the draft of Technical Regulation for paints and varnishes

04 September 2011

On the website of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology was published the first draft version of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union on the security of paints and varnishes.
The draft document was prepared by experts of the Committee for technical regulation and metrology of the Ministry of Industry and New Technology of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Approved the first three Technical Regulations of the Customs Union

04 September 2011

The Customs Union Commission approved in the last session the first threeTtechnical Regulations of the Customs Union. The Customs Union conformity mark "EAC" has also been approved. It will be used to mark the products circulating on the market of the territory of the Member States of the Union.
On this occasion the Ministry of Industry and Commerce has sought to emphasize that Russia has been given the green light to the formation of the unique system of technical regulations, legal and regulatory between Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan.


Here comes the mark of conformity of the Customs Union

05 May 2011

Following a competition launched by the Russian Ministry of Economy and Commerce has been selected the logo for the marking of the Customs Union.
Producers who have subjected their products to the assessment of conformity in the technical regulations of the Customs Union will have to mark their products with the new mark of conformity in order to enter them in the market of the Member States.

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