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Certification of clothing for children and adults in Russia

29 September 2011

Certification of clothing for children and adults in RussiaThe certification of clothing is the formalization of the following documents: test report, certificate or statement of compliance with mandatory GOST R Why does not the statement or certificate and vice versa? Because for all adult clothing, including underwear and outerwear for all the required declaration of conformity GOST R As for children's clothing, workwear and special work clothing is required GOST R certificate required.

It 'worth noting that prior to 01/07/2010, the date of entry into force of the Customs Union only legislation on health care for almost all clothing, in addition to the declaration or certificate of compliance, was also required Certified sanitation and hygiene as they call it the end, but now the certification is required only for the toilet underwear for children aged 0 to 14 years.
We want to emphasize that the clothing is divided into certain categories. That is to say, that in a single document of compliance is not able to list items that are part of different product categories (and the outside underwear, etc.), As each category has different reference standards. Sometimes, however, some categories may be included in a single document.
The division is not only based on product categories, but also by the type of clothing (men, women, children, etc.) and the type of fabric used.
Following the guidelines below you can calculate independently the number of documents of compliance required.

Each category corresponds to a separate document of compliance:

• Women's Underwear: T-shirts, vests, sweaters, T-shirts;
• Knitwear man shirts;
• Women's Outerwear: skirts, blouses, tunics, blouses and shirt-blouses;
• Women's Outerwear: coats, jackets, cloaks, anoraks, jackets;
• Knitwear for women: jackets, sweaters (golf), pullovers, cardigans, waistcoats;
• Adult Hosiery: Pantyhose (tights), stockings, socks and hosiery;
• knitted hats for adults: hats, caps.

Once completed the classification and the division will proceed to the selection of samples and laboratory tests. Without this, if the outcome of the tests is positive, we proceed with the issuance of the certificate or statement. 'll mandatory GOST R certificate may be issued for a period to go from 1 to 3 years. If it is a single shipment you can opt for the certification scheme No 9 GOST R. In this case, the tests of the samples will not be required, but each next shipment will have to redo the certificate.

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