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Customs Union between Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus

19 August 2010

On July 1, came into force on the Customs Code, which is the main operating under the Customs Union between the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and Belarus.Among the most significant immediate effects of the Customs Code introduced by the EU are the adoption of common standards of health and hygiene across a range of commodities and changes in import of alcoholic beverages in the customs area: the limit of transport for individuals decreased from ten to five liters, while the relief is not subject to the duty increases from two to three liters.

As relates to the Russian Federation, the adoption of the new common tool may create difficulties for operators in the sector during the transition, while remaining in force on the national Customs Code of Russia. Its provisions will continue to apply as they do not conflict with those of the single customs code, and is already being considered by parliament the draft of the new Russian law on "Customs Regulations in the Russian Federation", which will create a perfectly consistent with the regulatory treatment standards customs Union.

More problematic aspects regarding the processing of used vehicles, the import to Belarus by natural persons has a more favorable treatment than those customs house the Russian and Kazakh. The definition of this matter was postponed to 2011 and, for now, Belarus will keep their rates to import.