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Russia temporary simplified product certification procedures

28 March 2022

353Russian Government temporarily simplified product certification procedures and automatically extended the validity of certificates and declarations of conformity to support the domestic economy within the sanctions context by adopting Decree No. 353 of 12/03/2022. Certification bodies were given the opportunity to postpone the factory periodic inspection or conduct it remotely by video conferencing services. The control and supervision activities of Russian National Accreditation Body to suspend or invalidate certificates and declarations of conformity have been temporarily suspended.

A brief summary of the main provisions introduced by Russian Government Decree No. 353 of 12/03/2022, Appendix N 18:
- The validity period of certificates and declarations of conformity ending between 14/03/2022 and 01/09/2022 is automatically extended for 12 months without the need to pass inspection control (in the case of certificates).
- Certification bodies were given the opportunity to postpone inspection control in 2022 for up to 6 months or to conduct it via videoconferencing;
- Until 01/03/2023, the requirement to specify the GLN code has been canceled.
- Until 01/03/2023, it is allowed to import products intended for the Russian market without marking them with a mandatory conformity mark. The specified marking must be applied to the product before it is sold to the consumer (user);
- From 21/03/2022 to 01/09/2022, for a batch or a single product, it is allowed to issue a declaration of conformity based on the applicant's own evidence, subject to a number of conditions, instead of a certificate or declaration issued using test reports of a laboratory accredited in the EAEU. A declaration issued in this way is valid only on the territory of the Russian Federation for 6 months.

The list of products that do not fall under the simplified regime is approved by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade.
Product declarations issued prior to the approval of the above-mentioned list are valid until the end of their validity period.

The provisions of the above-mentioned Government Decree are temporary and apply exclusively to products intended for the Russian market.