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Certification of the burners and heaters in Russia

18 April 2012

Certification of the burners and heaters in RussiaThe burners, hot air generators and almost all gas appliances, liquid fuel or a mixture usually belong to a category of products that may pose a potential source of risk to their user safety and location of their installation. Consequently, for these devices in the Russian Federation the compulsory certification is required.
At the date of publication of this article in Russia have been approved and came into force two legal documents that establish minimum requirements for this type of equipment. This is the Technical regulation No. 753 of 15/09/2009 "On the safety of machinery and equipment" analogue of the Machine Directive 2006/42/EC and Technical regulation No. 65 of 11/02/2010 "On the safety of gas appliances" respectively of the Gas Appliances Directive 2009/142/EC.

The criterion for determining which of the two technical regulations shall apply to the burners or heaters is an examination of the technical characteristics of each device and its application range.

The Technical regulation No. 753 provides two standards GOST for industrial burners and two for hot air generators, and compliance with those on a voluntary basis is a prerequisite for the equipment complies with the requirements of the Technical regulation itself.

For industrial burners is the norm:
• GOST R 51383-99 - Burners automatic gas burners. Technical requirements, safety requirements and test methods (Chapter 5).
• GOST 27824-2000 - Burners for liquid fuels. General technical requirements (attached).

Customs code: 8416 ...
36 9630 - industrial gas burners, gas-liquid fuels and gas for energy production

Customs code: 8416 ...
36 9630 - industrial gas burners: the burners for liquid fuel

For heaters instead the rules are:
• GOST 31351-2007 (ISO 14695:2003) - Industrial fans - Method of measuring vibrations of the fans (completely standard).
• GOST R 51401-99 (UNI EN ISO 3744:1997) - Acoustics. Determination of sound power levels of noise sources using sound pressure. Engineering method in an essentially free field over a reflecting plane.

Customs code: 7322 90 000 0
48 6400 - fired air heaters for liquid fuel

Regarding the Technical Regulation no. 65, the identification of the equipment to which it applies is easier as they are listed in the Annex to the regulations:

Customs code: 8416 20 100 0
36 9610 - Gas burners for various applications

Customs code: 8416 20 800 0, 7322 90 000 0
36 9620 - Gas burners for special applications (gas stoves infrared);

Customs code: 8416 20 200 0
36 9630 - Mixed gas-oil burners (burners coupled);

Customs code: 7322 90 000 0
36 9640 - Radiant Heaters closed gas;

Customs code: 8415 ... 7322 90 000 0
36 9650 - gas-fired air heaters (stoves recovery and mixing, including air heaters incorporating a burner coupled gas boilers, air conditioners incorporated with a burner).

The identification of the reference standards in this case is performed by the expert after an examination of the unit and its technical characteristics.