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Three new Technical Regulations of Customs Union come into force

22 October 2011

Three new Technical Regulations of Customs Union come into forceOn 01/07/2012 in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan will come into force three new technical regulations: Technical regulation "On the safety of perfumery and cosmetics," Technical Regulation "On safety of toys," Technical Regulation "On product safety for children and adolescents". The last Technical Regulation was prepared by the Russian side (the Ministry of Economy and Commerce), which has incorporated in it many international standards, integrating them with the national legislation of Member States. While the first two regulations have been prepared by the Belarusian side.
The Regulation "On safety of toys" has been harmonized with European Directives and 88/378/ЕЕС 2009/48/ЕС. The Technical Regulations "On the safety of perfumery and cosmetics" is based on EU Regulation № 1223/2009 and Directive ЕС 76/768/ЕС.
In all the Customs Union since its establishment have been approved 9 regulatory documents on safety and quality of goods and services: three above-mentioned regulations, regulations on the safety of pyrotechnics, low voltage equipment, regulation of safety boxes, three regulations in 'sphere of railway transport.
The only rules adopted by Member States of the Customs Union shall aim to improve the quality of goods and services and to facilitate the free movement of goods into the customs territory.